It all began as the vision of well-known painter and former stockman, Hugh Sawrey.  Just like his famed artwork A Vision Splendid, the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame pays tribute to the Aussie Stockman. His dream was shared by other famous Australians including RM Williams, a bushman and entrepreneur.

From humble beginnings as a stock route junction, Longreach became the chosen site for the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame some 30+ years ago. Even the Queen came to visit!

Moving thousands of cattle over long distances along stock routes criss-crossing the outback was all part of an experienced stockman or drover’s job.  Stories of drovers moving sheep and cattle along these historic stock routes are etched in the national psyche by poets Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson.

“In my wild erratic fancy visions come to me of Clancy

Gone a-droving ‘down the Cooper’ where the Western drovers go;

As the stock are slowly stringing, Clancy rides behind them singing,

For the drover’s life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know.”

Banjo Patterson, 1889, ‘Clancy of the Overflow’

Guests of Saltbush, can glimpse the imposing structure of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame as they enjoy a glorious soak in the Retreat’s outdoor baths.  Perhaps the perfect spot at sunset to toast our Outback legends….